Auragi Finance

Vote to Earn

At Auragi Finance, we believe in growing Ethereum to help all of humanity. To contribute to Ethereum's vision, we choose to build on Arbitrum, the leading scaling solution for Ethereum. And, our mission is to be the liquidity base-layer of the Arbitrum ecosystem so protocols can drive user growth, transaction volume and push for adoption.

Auragi Finance is an automatic market maker with ve(3,3) mechanics, based on Velodrome. We focus on Vote to Earn model:

Before using Auragi Finance, you are required to read and agree to our legal disclaimer.

Who are behind Auragi Finance?

We were builders in Web 2.0 and we solely build in Web 3.0 on Ethereum layer-2. We aim to offer our users the best defi experience on Arbitrum and we focus on delivering results to our long-term holders. Like many defi teams, we choose to stay anon while staying transparent with everything related to this project.

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