AGI tokens

Wednesdays say: Vote today, claim rewards tomorrow!

Buyback and Burn is launched!

Auragi Finance uses two tokens to manage governance and utility:

Voters vote to earn passive income through real yield, for example:

Holders can receive $veAGI by vesting their $AGI tokens at any time. The lock period can be up to 4 years, following the linear relationship shown below:

  • 100 $AGI locked for 4 years will become 100 $veAGI

  • 100 $AGI locked for 1 years will become 25 $veAGI

The longer the vesting time, the higher the voting power and the more rewards the $veAGI voter receives.

$AGI is used for rewarding liquidity providers through emissions.

Initial Distribution

At launch, the initial supply is 400M $AGI. We reserved and distributed $AGI and $veAGI to users and protocols that will contribute to our mission to become the liquidity base-layer of the Arbitrum ecosystem.


240M (60%) $AGI tokens will be distributed to people who are likeliest to contribute to Auragi and and Arbitrum's long-term success, including:

  • 108M (27%) $AGI for Auragi users through future airdrops.

  • 72M (18%) $AGI for Arbitrum users:

    • 3755 $AGI/wallet — Addresses claimed Arbitrum Airdrop before March 31st who were $ARB holders: The more $ARB you held, the more $AGI you would receive.

  • 60M (15%) $AGI for defi users:

    • 3500 $AGI/wallet — Velodrome users with a year $veVELO lock time and liquidity providers for $VELO/$USDC.

    • 3000 $AGI/wallet — Thena users with a year $veTHE lock time.

    • 2500 $AGI/wallet — SolidLizard users with a year $veSLIZ lock time.


The airdrop of 48M (12%) $veAGI is to attract and engage with top 10 Arbitrum protocols which are mostly to contribute to Auragi and Arbitrum's long-term success. We will consider a number of metrics such as TVL, transaction volume, unique wallets and number of transactions.


We have reserved 48M (12%) $veAGI to distribute to partner protocols after the launch. This will be used to engage partners in the Arbitrum ecosystem through grants.


The team will receive an initial allocation that it will use to vote to drive emissions to key protocol pairs such as $AGI/$WETH and to support ongoing protocol development. The total team allocation is 40M (10%) in $AGI and $veAGI.

The team will vest 25% of its initial allocation in the form of a $veAGI and use it to vote for $AGI pairs in perpetuity.

While a fully autonomous and immutable protocol is an admirable objective, it comes at a cost. Auragi Finance will ensure its long-term sustainability by employing a dedicated team focused on supporting the product, documentation, community, and ecosystem. As the protocol evolves, the Auragi team will consider introducing more immutability or DAO components where appropriate.

To cover ongoing expenses and all the upcoming development efforts, 3% of the emissions will be going to the team address.

The team vesting compensation breakdown:

  • 15,520,816 $AGI vesting for 12 months, 6-month lock in a $veAGI followed by a linear 6-month unlock period. 0.5% of total emissions, taken from emissions to treasury, will be added to this bucket for dilution control.

  • 7,200,000 $AGI vesting for 24 months, 12-month lock in a $veAGI followed by a linear 12-month unlock period.

  • All ongoing payments made to the team members in $AGI will vest for 6 months, 3-month lock in a $veAGI followed by a linear 3-month unlock period.

Arbitrum Team

The Arbitrum team has a vested interest in ensuring that Auragi achieves its mission of serving as an ecosystem public good. The team will receive 20M (5%) $veAGI in the initial distribution, to support that interest.

Genesis Liquidity

We distributed 4M (1%) $AGI to provide liquidity for the $AGI/$WETH pool from launch day. Genesis pool emissions will be first directed to the $AGI/$WETH pool and will start a few days before the first epoch votes are cast.

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