Vote to Earn Airdrop May 22nd, 2023

3,000,000 $AGI to claim


Start: April 22nd, 2023 00:00 UTC

End: May 22nd, 2023 00:00 UTC

Snapshot: May 22nd, 2023 00:00 UTC

May 23nd to 30th 2023: You can claim your AGI tokens.

Status: In Progress

Base: First come, first served

Claims: 109 transactions

Smart contract: 0x227e3f594c3c00b0d10b4bce6257fdca85079673


The 3rd Auragi Airdrop is back with the theme: Vote To Earn.

Users participate in activities on Auragi: Add liquidity, Vest AGI tokens, Vote each epoch, and Claim rewards.

Note: Users need to update their wallet address on Zealy so we can distribute their rewards. We will not provide support for accounts without wallet addresses on Zealy.

Main task groups:

Complete daily/weekly/monthly tasks to accumulate XP and rank high on the leaderboard to have a chance to receive AGI tokens from 3rd Auragi Airdrop.

  • #on-boarding: Basic tasks for joining Auragi's community.

  • #speard-the-word: Invite friends to join Auragi's Discord and claim “WINGMAN 2.0”

  • #learn-to-earn: Answer daily quizzes.

  • #on-chain: Participate in activities on the protocol.

New roles on Discord:

Achieve new roles on Discord to have a chance to receive AGI tokens from 3rd Auragi Airdrop.

  1. Roles for voting activities on Auragi:

veSupporter: lock AGI tokens >= 1K Voting Power

veMaster: lock AGI tokens >= 10K Voting Power

veDegen: lock AGI tokens >= 100K Voting Power

veOG: lock AGI tokens >= 1M Voting Power

  1. Roles for providing liquidity on Auragi:

LP Provider: claimed emission rewards >= 2K AGI tokens

LP Master: claimed emission rewards >= 20K AGI tokens

LP Degen: claimed emission rewards >= 200K AGI tokens

LP OG: claimed emission rewards >= 2M AGI tokens

  1. Roles for trading activities on Auragi:

Trader: Total trading volume >= 10K USD

Pro Trader: Total trading volume >= 100K USD

Degen Trader: Total trading volume >= 1M USD

OG Trader: Total trading volume >= 10M USD

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