Buyback and Burn

through Auragi Instant Bond

To ensure full transparency, Buyback and Burn is fully controlled via a smart contract.

With the aim of bringing value to AGI holders, Auragi introduces the Buyback And Burn AGI tokens through the Auragi Instant Bond feature. Users will get 1825% APY from Auragi Instant Bond.

Smart Contracts: 0x1192bc3e8c2d76517ca2ab747ca6076b010c3c19

Burned: 31.7M AGI tokens

Transactions: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead


What is Auragi Instant Bond?

Auragi Instant Bond is the secondary value accrual strategy. It allows Auragi to acquire its own liquidity and reserve assets such as WETH by selling Auragi at a discount in exchange. Unlike other protocols, 100% of bond money will be used to buyback and burn AGI tokens at rate 2% daily.

How does Auragi Instant Bond work?

  • You come to the Auragi Instant Bond page on the website and check if there is a discounted bond.

  • If there is a bond available, you can buy AGI tokens with plus 15% bonding rewards.

  • You can claim your AGI instantly after purchase, or claim it at maximum 3 days later.

  • If you wait 3 days later, with the same Auragi amount, the USD value in the bond will increase 5% each day. So if you claim after 3 days you gain at least 15% in USD value more than the value at the time of your purchase.

  • We called this special mechanism as Bonding Rewards.

  • If your claim time has passed, you can no longer claim the bonded amount, so please come back before the 3 days deadline to claim your Auragi (now increased at least 15% in USD value).

  • The benefit can be more with Auragi's price appreciation in 3 days because the more people bonding after you, the more market buy happens, the more price is increased.

  • Please note that discounted bonding is a limited offer: not every time there is a discounted bond available, if someone already bought all the discounted bond, there will be no discounted bond left. Or when the project decides not to sell bonds, there'll be no discounted bonds available.

Invite your friend and earn 5% forever

In addition, Auragi also introduces the "More friends - More profit" event to users. Accordingly, for every successfully referred user who performs a transaction to buy Auragi Instant Bond, the referrer will receive 5% of any transaction made by the referred user. Users only need to copy the invite link in the Referral section and send it to their friends.

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