Instructions to participate in Testnet

This article will guide you on how to participate in the Testnet on Auragi Finance.

Step 1: Create an account on Alchemy at: https://auth.alchemy.com/

Step 2: Using your Alchemy account, log in to https://goerlifaucet.com/, enter your wallet address in the "Enter your wallet..." field, and then click "Send me ETH" to receive GETH.

Step 3: Transfer GETH to the Arbitrum Goerli network by accessing: https://bridge.arbitrum.io/

Select the option to move funds from the Goerli testnet to Arbitrum Goerli. Enter the amount of GETH you wish to transfer and then click "Move funds to Arbitrum Goerli."

Step 4: Access https://auragi.finance/ and connect your Arbitrum Goerli wallet. Select "Faucet" on the toolbar and claim 1000 $AGI tokens. Proceed to experience the features such as Swap, Add liquidity, Vest, Lock, Bridge and Rewards on Auragi Finance.

Experience today to receive Retroactive Airdrop at TGE on April 5th.

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